Nonionic Surfactant

Embrace the power of this nonionic surfactant and experience a new level of cleanliness that surpasses all expectations.


  • Widely used in detergents, cleaning agents, and industrial applications due to their surfactant properties
  • Provides a fresh, hygienic, and inviting environment
  • Gentle on surfaces and skin


  • Tackle tough stains, grease, dirt, and grime that ensures a spotless and pristine finish on various surfaces


  • Dishwashing
  • Multipurpose surface
  • Others

In Bio-MC, we are committed to delivering the most effective cleaning solutions while prioritizing safety and environmental factors. Our products contribute to fostering a clean, safe, and well-maintained home environment. We take pride in providing you with cleaning products that balance performance and safety, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a sparkling clean environment with a peace of mind.

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