For the last few days’ bio hasn't really been at its best, 1 due to host server hardware upgrade then the host change yesterday right now all servers is playable beside towny that we run into a massive issue which will hopefully be fix within the next few hours, it would have been done way early but where the backup is we was having issues downloading it but now we are fine and getting towny back online and fully up and playable.


Events this weekend:

All events have been cancel due to some a very good reason which is that we have planned on release some new servers to make it more fun for everyone :)


Current servers:

once everything is sorting within the next day all two we plan to do/add major changes to most servers to make it more fun and not so boring for anyone, we DONT plan on resetting any of the server we are just going to be added stuff to the servers, for the time being we plan on working on Towny, Creative, Skyblock and Peaceful. Factions we may be looking into some other stuff to-do but for the time being since our main player base is on the other server we plan on doing the changes to them.



Yes, we plan on adding it back maybe even tomorrow we will fix it up, but next month we plan on buying advertising on the sites we currently are on so we will need all the help we can get from you guys to help get it to the rank we need to be able to buy advertising, we would do it ASAP but due to sites only have bidding for the start of each month we have missed it due to all the issues we have currently had but now everything is fine. 


Starting next month, we will be rewarding the top voting for each month with a coupon to use on the store for anything you want, we want to help you guys out for helping and staying with us.



This weekend we plan on having a 50% sale starting from Friday the 16th to Monday the 19th, this is our way to say sorry for the last couple of days we have had.

FanciBxtch hey I'm trying and it says "cannot resolve hostname" anything here?
Da_Chinchilla isn't working for me however I can play on the same acc and same servers if i'm not at my house. is t...
[Legend] allyrs Raiders when will rank transfers take place Btw great job

Live Staff Applications!

This weekend Biocraft will be looking for NEW staff members! 

Come on Teamspeak This Friday @ 7pm CST

There Will Be a UK Session This Saturday @ 1pm GMT


- Must be at least 14 years of age

- Must have a microphone

- Join the channel with your in-game name and the server you are applying for

Please be MATURE!

*Anyone can apply*

Teamspeak IP:

[Lord] Yenneh ill be there
[Legend] armorcadet shoot! i have a camping trip that weekend! :( i wanted to try again. same rusty :/
BooItzBoo I think its a really good idea that you made it suitable for all those in the UK too :)

Today we should be getting some Hardware upgrade to the servers we have now, we are not changing host at the time but we will be doing that within the next few days, please expect some downtime today due to the Hardware upgrade.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience.

AndyBNg x so whats going to happen to the hamster?
[Legend] allyrs thanks for the info, raiders!
TS Luinu When will Bio be back on? I have nothing to do now XD