Currently we have backed the whole server up as we don't want you guys to get a roll back due to the upgrade we are currently getting on the server. Currently we have 2 hard drives both at 250GB each we trying to sort something out with the host to get RAID installed so we are able to use both hard drives as 1 500GB hard drive giving us more space to use. The reason the server is offline is due to the fact that the dedicated server we own to run bio on is going to get wiped when the RAID is installed so to be safe we have backed everything up so we are 100% safe.

[Legend] AlexPlaysGames I know you guys have been trying your best and all to get the server running again; but when do you guys think the serve...
[Prem] Thinkchicken Also, Raiders it's better to have two 250GB drives than one 500GB drive, as one for primary storage and one for red...
Doctor_Fishstix Does this mean the worlds will get wiped?


[Owner] Raiders_United a posted Oct 12, 16

TOWNY, PEACEFUL AND CREATIVE IS BACK UP AND RUNNING! Any issues please either comment below or make a thread. As for the rest they will be after if all goes right. Peaceful will be going up sometime today!

[Staff] irGHAST_242 the servers are down atm, as they are being backed up
[Globe] gamegurl0419 i cannot get into bio at all
[Lord] BrianC221 Bio please go back up *waited for 12 hours*

Currently adding the server's back on, Progess is slow but hoping to get a few on ASAP. So far that is done is creative, parkour and event, We are still waiting on Peaceful and Towny to finish which are the main server's so it can be expected. ON all the server's done we can't currently open for everyone to join as i would like to make sure everything is working fine before opened something that is half working. I've already found a big issue but 'm now sorting it out. Look like we are going to be up tomorrow depending how much more towny and peaceful are going to take.

[Staff] Mrnicecool Thanks for keeping us updated :)